Turn Around Eritrea

This journey is planned, to suit your available time, with changeable durations: from 7 to 15 days.
The basic route is the one that plan the visit of the eritrean capital, Asmara, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and the other most interesting cities: Keren, Massawa, the Kohaito highland, an excursion on board steam trains dating back to colonial times and much more.
You can also choose between different types of hotels in Asmara (Lux or tourist class), while in other localities have already scheduled the available best hotels. You can also choose BB, or a half or full board treatment.

Tour Program:

1st Day: Asmara
Welcome in airport and transfer to the hotel by a private car. Guided tour of the city of Asmara. You’ll visit the Catholic and Coptic cathedrals, the mosque, the market, the Caravanserraglio, the Italian cemetery, the National Museum. Overnight in Asmara.

2nd Day: Asmara - Adi Ugri - Asmara

Half-day tour to Adi Ugri, return in the afternoon in Asmara. Overnight in Asmara.

3rd Day: Asmara - Nefasit - Asmara

Excursion on board the “Littorina” or the legendary steam train, pulled by locomotives "Mallet" from Asmara to Nefasit and back (tour subject to availability). Afternoon leisure time. Overnight in Asmara

4th Day: Asmara - Keren

Drive to the lovely city of Keren (sightseeing tour of the city). Overnight in Keren.

5th Day: Keren - Massawa

Departure to Massawa along the panoramic street of the oriental Slopes. Arrival around noon. Afternoon leisure time. Overnight in Massawa.

6th Day: Massawa - Dahlak
Leisure day in Massawa. Possible daily excursion by boat to the Dahlak Islands. Overnight in Massawa.


7-8-9th Day: Massawa - Dahlak

Cruise boarding a dhow: departure from Massawa to Madote island, Dissei, Shumma, Assarca. Overnight on board or in tents on the island. Last day return to Massawa. Overnight in Massawa.

7 or 10th Day: Massawa - Asmara
Return to Asmara. Overnight in Asmara.

8 or 11th Day: Asmara
Leisure day. In the evening dinner in a typical restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic traditional cuisine, taste local beverage (sua, mies, areki) and participate in the ceremony of coffee. After dinner transfer to the airport for the return flight.
'Ndamariam Church
Coal Train

Our first goal is to organize a journey that in addition to satisfy all your desires and be part of your memories as one of the most beautiful experiences, also make known Eritrea to you, as well as our way to live it! In this respect we are certainly able to meet any request by adapting to your needs our programs designed for that purpose with great flexibility. Be resolute therefore asking all the details that you consider important so that your journey may have an 'excellent success.
If this one is the solution you are looking for, please let us know how long time you are planning to spend in Eritrea, and inform us also with the number of travellers, type of car you need (city or 4WD car), class of hotel (you can choose from budget one to lux) and your itinerary.

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