Dahlak fishing Adventures
Fishing Guide Gabriele Di Lorenzo - 9 days


Following our successful initial trips in 2019 recently repeated in May and June 2023, we are excited to announce the regular resumption of our organized fishing expeditions to the stunning Dahlak Archipelago in Eritrea. This unique opportunity is specifically designed for avid sport fishermen seeking an unparalleled experience in a country where this type of fishing is virtually undiscovered.

Guiding the trip is Gabriele Di Lorenzo, an experienced fishing guide proficient in various fishing techniques, including Jigging, Spinning, offshore trolling, and Fly Fishing. With extensive fishing expertise spanning Italy, Tanzania, Sudan, Cape Verde, Morocco, and Northern Europe, Gabriele also possesses considerable experience in Eritrea, having successfully led two trips in April and May of 2023.

In 2022, Gabriele achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming a part of the “World Record” IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) with his exceptional “fly fishing” record.

The Dahlak Islands archipelago, which we will be exploring, is abundant with a diverse range of fish species. Among them are trevally, giant trevally, red snapper, tuna, barracuda, grouper, permit, milkfish, and queenfish.


* Asmara, the city that boasts one of the world’s finest collections of early 20th-century architecture – with UNESCO awarding it World Heritage Site status.

* Sturdy and tenacious, like Eritreans themselves, Massawa City has survived throughout the centuries, this old port city preserves an ensemble of wonderful Ottoman architecture and gorgeous colonial building.

* Dahlak Archipelago is an exceptional ecosystem, which has few rivals in the world and remain one of the last great unspoilt destinations.

At a glance


9 days

Start Date

weekly, october-november 2023


Asmara, Massawa, Dahlak Archipelago


car, minibus, motorboat


Hotel, in Dahlak tented camp

Group Size

3-9 anglers,
max 3 per boat

Fishing guide

Gabriele Di Lorenzo


FB, overnight, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Scheduled departure, confirmed with a minimum of 6 anglers:


September: 29

October: 6-13-20-27

November: 3-10-17



Please  contact our booking for updated prices.

Day by day itinerary


Upon your arrival in Asmara, you will receive a warm welcome at the airport and be transferred to your hotel. If you are arriving with Turkish Airlines, your estimated arrival time will be at midnight. If you are arriving with Egypt Air, you can expect to arrive at 02:50 in the early morning on Saturday.

Overnight in Asmara, Crystal Hotel or similar.

Include: full board treatment with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.

Learn more about Asmara

Free morning to explore Asmara. If you arrive with Ethiopian Airlines you can expect to arrive at 11:00am

Have lunch at a restaurant in Asmara.

In the afternoon, depart for Massawa, making several stops at points of interest along the way.

Have dinner at the hotel or at a local Danakil restaurant.

Overnight at the Grand Dahlak Hotel or a similar accommodation in Massawa

Include: full board treatment with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.


Asmara – Massawa – Dahlak

After having breakfast, we will embark on a seven-day cruise to the Dahlak Archipelago. It’s important to note that this adventurous trip involves transfers by motorboat, basic field toilets, and extremely limited availability of fresh water for personal hygiene. Despite these limitations, you will have the chance to experience something truly unique and unforgettable.

Please take note of the following important information:

The Dahlak cruise, especially of this duration, requires a high level of adaptability.

This is a cruise where guests do not need to provide any assistance. Simply relax, enjoy fishing and let the staff take care of all your needs.

The cruise includes a pre-set camp if there are eight or more guests. If there are fewer than eight guests, the camp will be prepared upon arrival in the main camp area. The camp will be set up on one of the best islands, known for its beautiful beaches and coral reef. Each day, you will travel to the the most fascinating fishing spots.

The package includes a boat with full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and camping equipment for overnight stays on the islands. We provide spacious and comfortable igloo tents, measuring either 2.5×2.5×1.8H meters or 3x3x2.2H meters. Each tent is designed to be insect-proof and is equipped with a built-in ground sheet, large windows for ventilation, and a door with mosquito netting. Additionally, each guest will be provided with camp beds, pillows, sleeping bags, and camping chairs with armrests.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities available, and the supply of fresh water for ablutions is limited. Meals will be served under a large tent or gazebo for shade, where a dining table will be provided. The camp includes a cook with a fully equipped camp kitchen, along with necessary camping equipment. A sailor/camp assistant will also be present to assist with the camp activities.

The mother boat is licensed to accommodate up to 10 persons, excluding the crew. It is equipped with life jackets, a compass, GPS, radio, and a mobile phone for communication.

For breakfast, you can enjoy tea, coffee, instant milk, eggs, biscuits, jams, fresh Danakil bread, and “foul” (a local breakfast made with fava beans, tomatoes, onions, hot pepper, and olive oil). Lunch and dinner typically include a main dish, such as pasta or rice, accompanied by side dishes like fish, meat, or eggs with vegetables (such as tomato salad, potato salad, or mixed cooked vegetables), and seasonal fruits like bananas and oranges. Picnic lunches may consist of sandwiches or a main dish (pasta or rice) along with fruits.

Drinks available include bottled water, soft drinks, local beer, and “areki” (a popular Eritrean alcohol). The package includes four drink items per person per day and one bottle of alcohol per group. Additional drinks are available at an extra cost, which is reasonably priced.

The fishing itinerary, which includes the most fascinating fishing spots, will be determined by your fishing guide and the captain on the day of departure. Their decision will take into account weather conditions, forecasts, and access permits for the islands.

Days 3-8: Overnight stay in tents on the islands.

Throughout the cruise, you will enjoy full board treatment, which includes overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This also covers the provision of four bottles of water, local beer, and soft drinks per person, per day. Additional beverages are available for purchase.

Learn more about Dahlak Archipelago


In the morning, we will return to Massawa and proceed directly to Asmara, with an expected arrival time of around 01:00 pm. Upon arrival, you can check-in at the hotel and take advantage of a day-use of the room to freshen up.

For passengers flying with Ethiopian Airlines, the transfer to the airport is scheduled for approximately 04:00 pm. If you are traveling with Turkish Airlines, the transfer is expected to take place around 11:00 pm. Alternatively, for those flying with Egypt Air, the transfer is anticipated to occur at approximately 01:00 am.

When the time is right, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight. The hotel room will be available for your use until the time of the airport transfer for departure.


Free day in Asmara.

At a suitable time for your flight, you will be transferred to the airport.


Asmara: Crystal Hotel

Massawa: Grand Dahlak Hotel

Dahlak islands: mobile tented camp, 

Includes /Excludes

What is included


More Info: please take note

  • The itinerary may vary depending on the airlines used to travel to Eritrea. Therefore, the final program will be shared with participants after this has been determined, as it is crucial for the success of the trip.
  • The prices listed do not include the cost of international air tickets to Eritrea
  • The trip includes Full Board (FB) treatment, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.
  • Hotel accommodations: The star ratings of the hotels do not correspond to European standards. Outside of Asmara, although the proposed hotels are among the best available, they are generally simple accommodations. Please note that due to limited electricity supply, hot water may not always be available, even in these hotels. Additionally, some hotels may have maintenance issues, particularly in the bathroom areas.
  • Higher-category hotel accommodations are available at an additional cost, offering the best options currently available.
  • Our main goal is to organize a trip that fulfils all your desires. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for any information you find useful and to explain any details you consider important. Our aim is to ensure that your trip is not only successful but also one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

If your program expects a cruise to the Dahlak islands, you will be requested at your arrival to sign a “Release of Liability” form. For a better and transparent information, you will find attached a facsimile of the declaration. In no case traveller will be admitted to the Dahlak trips without signing this declaration

Inquire for further details

Discover the programme

Every saturday morning from Massawa.

Please  contact our booking for updated prices.

1° Day

Early in the morning departure to Massawa, in just 100 km the road, that from Asmara brings to the beach of Massawa, descend to 2450 metres. Arrived there, as soon as the tourist permit will be ready, we’ll go on board a motorboat to the discovery of “the pearls of Red Sea”: Dahlak Islands. Will camp one night in one of the islands and will visit another one. Full of time for leisure, swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Scattered over a vast area of the Red Sea like a string of pearl upon the azure, translucent waters of the Red Sea, more than 350 Eritrean islands, among which more than 200 islands belong to the Dahlak Archipelago, remain one of the last great unspoilt destinations in the world. Dahlak Archipelago is an exceptional ecosystem, which has few rivals in the world. A tourism specialist, on the return from a cruise has summarised as follows his admiration for these islands: “The Maldives are the best destination in the world where services and nature have a mix unrivalled, but …. the Dahlak!!!  They are the Maldives of 20 years ago!).   

Overnight in tent. Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner including local drinks (bottled water, soft drinks or beer) 4 pcs per person per day)

2° Day

The morning will be full of swimming, snorkeling, adventure and relax. In the afternoon return from the islands to Massawa, and then proceed to Asmara where will arrive in the late afternoon/evening. Breakfast and pic-nic lunch

Asmara: Crystal Hotel

Keren: Sarina Hotel

Massawa: Grand Dahlak Hotel

Dahlak islands: mobile tented camp, comfort level

What is included:

  • One night at Dahlak island, overnight in tent, full board during the cruise (breakfast, lunch, dinner including local drinks among bottled water, soft drinks and beer (4 drinks per person per day).
  • All camping equipment at Dahlak camp: comfortable igloo tent (height mt 1.80), camp bed, sleeping bag, fully equipped camp kitchen and cook.
  • Private transfer from Asmara to Massawa and return
  • Local taxes, tourist permits, entrance fees and Dahlak tax



  • Entry visa
  • Meals and drinks in Asmara and Massawa
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Travel insurance: is a MUST to have a comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation, curtailment, medical, emergency travel and assistance, as this is compulsory on all our trips.
  • Personal expenses
  • All what is not included in the “Price include”

Some necessary advice:

The cruise to Dahlak, requires flexibility: the overnight stay will be in tents on the islands (large igloo tents mt 2.50 x 2.50x 1.90H, equipped with camp beds, pillow, sheets and pillowcases, chairs and tables are made available by the organization); the fresh water is limited so forget about daily showers. Camp toilets will be available. Meals will be prepared by the cook who will accompany you. You will eat freshly caught fish, the bread will be the typical Danakil’s one, fried or cooked in the pan, the fruit will be available only on the first days, but there will be tea and coffee, pasta and rice, biscuits and jam for the breakfast, in addition to, for those who prefer, typical breakfast of the coast: the “foul” based on fava beans, or an omelette with the addition of green hot pepper! Are available local drinks as bottled water, soft drinks and beer (4 drinks per day per person are included, extra will be paid to the crew). Do not miss a drop of areki (the local anise), to be enjoyed in the evening, maybe on the beach, around the fire chatting with travel buddies or admiring an incredible sky with (see to believe!) millions of stars, a breathtaking view in front of which everyone remains amazed and speechless and, if we are lucky, a bright sea for the phosphorescent plankton.

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