Scheduled tours

Here you will find our scheduled tour, were you will join other guests. Start from 2 days to 8 days, including our gem: Dahlak Archipelago. Check departure date in each program

Dahlak Taste 4 days

If it is your first time in Eritrea, or you have some days off, those 4 days target the best of our country: Asmara, modernist capital city and Unesco world heritage together witha week end in Dahlak Islands. What else?

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Amazing Dahlak 8 days

This is the trip for you if you are looking for a long stay in Dahlak islands. 5 out of 8 days are dedicated to visit several islands. But need you te be flexible, as overnight will be in comfortable tents with camp beds.

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Charming Eritrea 8 days

A program of 8 days that will take you all around Eritrea, visiting Asmara the modernist capital city, Keren, the archeological area of Kohaito and a cruise of 3 days in Dahlak Archipelago, with clear, crystral and pristine sea and beaches.

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Need additional info?

Please contact us and we will be very glad to assist you for any needs